Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunts

Hot wheels were produced by Mattel in the year 1968. These are die-cast cars that are very popular and both children and adults go to great lengths to collect them. In the year 1995, Mattel came out with a new series of their Hot Wheels cars which they called the Treasure Hunts. These cars were packed in a random order into cases. However, only ten thousand such cars were produced.

Very popular cars
Since these cars were so popular, the company increased production of the cars and released about 25, 000 cars. Nowadays, it is not so easy to find these cars but they are easy to identify because they have a green bar on them with the words Treasure Hunt or T-Hunt. A single set contains a dozen cars, and this procedure continued till 2005 when the company added a thirteenth car in the form of a VW Bus. In 2011, the company increased this number by issuing sets of 15.

How to spot Super Treasure Hunts?
In the year 2007, Mattel introduced the Super Treasure Hunts and created a couple of sets. The Super Treasure Hunts are nothing but an upgraded version of the car but it is different in that it sports Spectraflame paint and has Real Rider wheels as well as a smaller production run. If you want to check whether a Hot Wheels is a Super Treasure Hunt or not, you need to look at the card. The S letter will have been replaced with the dollar sign and so when you check the card you should see words like Trea$ure Hunt$ or T-Hunt$.

Release of Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunts
The year 2012 saw the release of the Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunts. Unlike earlier years, these new cars were not upgraded version of the ordinary versions. Instead, the set became part of a new series such as the HW Racing or the Muscle Mania series. These cars do not have green bars on the cards and so it becomes hard to identify these Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunts. The good news is you can identify them by looking for the graphics TH or Treasure Hunt on the cars. Alternatively, you can identify these cars by looking for Real Rider tires or by their Spectraflame paint.

Green bar disappears
A year later in 2013, the green bar was completely removed from the packaging and so it has become very hard to identify a Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunts car. These cars have become part of different series and so if you are really keen to identify one, it is necessary to look for a low production symbol which is a circle with a flame on the vehicle.

Some examples of the Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunts include the Datsun 620, ’68 Chevy Nova and the Porsche 934.5. the Datsun 620 is a part of the latest Super Treasure Hunts and it can be identified by its Spectraflame green with a camouflage hood. The ’68 Chevy Nova is 3/10 in the HW Flames series and is part of the latest Super Treasure Hunts. It can be identified by its purple Spectraflame with yellow stripes and flames that are orange colored.